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Halifax Home Cleaning FAQs

Our Halifax home cleaning FAQ page shares some frequently asked questions and answers. Stay tuned for more updates to this page and don’t forget to contact Halifax Home Cleaners if you have any questions that you don’t see on this page.

Does your home cleaning company provide the cleaning products and equipment?

  • We don’t supply the home cleaning products but we do want to point out that we provide kits at a cost for any move in or move out cleanings.

Why do you not supply the cleaning products or equipment?

  • We have found that our customers prefer certain products with smells that they are accustomed to. Studies have shown that some new products smell unpleasant to certain people and also may cause allergic reactions. Those are the main reasons that we use cleaning products that the customer already enjoys.

What cleaning products and equipment do you recommend?

  • Sonya, with many years of cleaning experience under her belt is is happy to give you cleaning product or equipment advice. Also our Clean Blog contains some useful information that may help.

Why should I hire Halifax Residential Home Cleaners?

  • Most people just don’t have time to clean their homes.
  • You should hire the best and most experienced local cleaning company.
  • You want your home to not only look great but to smell fresh.

Are your home cleaners insured and bonded?

  • Yes, our home cleaning staff are fully insured and bonded for your safety and for ours.

Can I hire the same cleaner back for my home cleanings?

  • No worries, we will try to maintain consistent cleaning methods and it is very possible that you will receive the same cleaners back, that particular cleaner is just not available.

Where areas do you supply cleaning services in Halifax?

Currently we supply home cleaning services in most areas of Halifax Nova Scotia.

As our company grows, we will be expanding to other areas of the HRM and mainland Nova Scotia.

Contact Us For a Professional Home Cleaning!

Phone at 902.482.4948 if you have questions you do not see on this FAQ page or simply find us on Facebook or any other Social Media platform. Halifax Home Cleaners are always  happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Remember, a clean house is a healthy house!

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